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eesha asked:

hi! just wondering if the pieces you've posted from your time at alfred or before attending (like high school). /i'm just a paranoid alfred hopeful /crawls back into a corner

Hey eesha! All the pieces I have posted are from high school, all the the ceramics pieces were in my portfolio when I applied to Alfred. Good luck applying to Alfred! From looking at your blog, it seems to me that you have a good eye. Please let me know if you get in. I’d be excited to meet you, if you came to Alfred. I’m no longer in the art program, but I still love art. Your first year is Foundations, but it is a lot of use of basic materials, and observation. Don’t let Foundations turn you off to art, though. I just realized it wasn’t for me. I’m only a sophomore, and if I had stayed in art I would have only started getting my hands in clay last semester. You don’t get to start real studio work until sophomore year unfortunately. Best piece of advice is don’t let what other people say about your stuff get you down. Good luck!


cornshrub-deactivated20120510 asked:

hi, can you explain how you went about making your double cut-out wall bowl things (i am a potter as well..)? they're beautiful!

Hey! Thank you! First you must throw a double wall vessel, I’ve posted some links below. Basically you need to open twice (once in the center and once just outside of that). Then pull up the inside wall first, then the outer wall. Finally the two walls must meet at the top. You can choose to connect them into one wall, or you can have the upper edges of each wall meet and then blend them together with a rubber rib(which is what I did with my bowls from the portfolio). Then you can carve out designs(I usually wait until it’s leatherhard). Hope that helps! Good luck!

Here are some links:

this technique of connecting the two walls at the top is more similar to my own:

some people throw double wall vessels upside down:

twofortyplus asked:

Hey! just wanted to say how beautiful your ceramics work is! ive taken a couple ceramics classes now and I've finally made even centered peices haha, but your work is gorgeous! i love your use of colors, its just the perfect amount of pop , keep doing what your doing!

Hey! Thanks, I really appreciate that! Keep working on your ceramics too. Centering gets easier with practice, I promise :)

first post

I decided to make this blog because I found my Facebook was becoming a place where I posted multiple art albums. This blog will provide me a place to focus on my art. Mostly this will contain my ceramics work, but now having less access to facilities, I’m sure I will also post my paper crafts and such.

Things you’ll notice about my art:

1. I love color. It’s not that I don’t appreciate earthy colors, because I also love those, but I find myself gravitated toward the vibrant.

2. My focus in ceramics is fairly limited to pottery. I have my own wheel at home, so when I have clay, I throw. I’m not much of a hand builder. 


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